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About Us

AB Tutor, trading since 2000, develops and markets network classroom management solutions, under the AB Tutor Brand. We have provided teachers, network managers, administrators and trainers across the world with affordable and intuitive classroom management software solutions. The company provides our solution to 5000 customers, in sixty countries.

Our business and design philosophy

Three main principles have underpinned the development of AB Tutor:

  • Affordability and value for money
  • Simplicity and transparency
  • Real improvement in classroom practice

AB Tutor remains committed to providing pricing to fit within tight educational budgets.

AB Tutor has been built from the ground up, specifically for the education sector. We continually improve the product with input and support from daily users. We recognise that teachers and trainers not only rely on a system that is simple and intuitive to use, but one that can also streamline their workflow and allow them to concentrate on the more important focus of teaching their students.

Our values

Our key values are:

  • Ensuring honesty, integrity, transparency, inclusiveness and responsibility underpin all that we do.
  • Supporting the education of young people by making every effort to keep our software realistically priced, and easy to use.
  • Understanding and delivering against your needs.
  • Ensuring our employees and resellers adhere to our standards.

AB Tutor provides the power and functionality of competing products at a lower cost, without time consuming and costly installation and maintenance. A culture which revolves entirely around customer needs and not solely on corporate gain has built the company a solid and trustworthy reputation. The extent of customer loyalty and satisfaction was confirmed when AB Tutor scored a Net Promoter Score of 72% in a 2008 survey to its existing customer base.

Our commitment to service and support

AB Tutor values its customers and aims to provide the highest level of support possible. To ensure that AB Tutor is the proper fit and is as easy as possible to use, we offer a 30 day free trial.

Additionally, we can provide on-site support, training and development, ensuring your solution is effective from day one.

I've been using this great program since October '04 and I haven't used a projector since! I use it daily to teach a lesson from my computer, monitor students' progress, and shut down the lab at the end of the day. I've used other programs like AB Tutor and they don't compare in functionality, ease of use, and price. I appreciate the design purpose of AB Tutor for practical classroom usage and not for the purpose of making money.

Bill J. Keylon

Lake City High School