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10 energy saving tips for schools

10 energy-saving tips for schools

Small changes can lead to big savings on energy bills, especially in large learning campuses. The best way to save energy is to look at a number of areas where energy might be being wasted. Is your school meeting its energy-saving targets? Following these simple tips could save your school or learning centre thousands every year!

1) Turning off unnecessary lighting – Lights use up lots of electricity and if you can identify which are turned on in areas not often in use, there could be a potential energy saving.

2) Use natural lighting – More modern buildings really take advantage of natural lighting, often with large glass windows placed in the correct areas. As the majority of learning time is in daylight hours, natural lighting should be utilized.

3) Timer action taps – To discourage students from leaving taps on in bathrooms, schools should introduce taps that turn off automatically. We’ve also seen some schools introducing sensor taps to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

4) Turning off air conditioning – As we’re now heading into winter, your school probably won’t need to use air conditioning much. Be sure to turn this off when rooms are not in use.

5) Manage your thermostat - If you have electric heat, lower your thermostat by two degrees to save up to 5% on your heating bill. Lowering it by five degrees could save up to 10%.

6) Invest in double glazing - Double glazing insulates your building from the cold and helps to reduce your heating bill, as well as keeping the playground noise out!

7) Compare energy quotes - Comparing energy quotes can often be the best way to save on electricity and gas.

8) Keep doors closed! - Keep your classroom doors closed whenever possible. This will help prevent cool or warm air from escaping. This keeps the heat in the rooms without having to continuously turn the heating up and down, which consequently uses more energy.

9) Encourage students to be energy conscious – Holding assemblies and talking to students about energy saving can save your school. Students should be more conscious about the energy they use.

10) Schedule shutdowns for your computer suite – Our classroom management software allow administrators to schedule shutdowns for PCs at certain times during the day. This prevents wasted energy when students (and teachers!) leave classrooms for the day without turning their computer off. AB Tutor has been voted best value for money in the independent PC Pro Reviews.

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