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The best classroom management software for 2021

The best classroom management software for 2021


When looking for a classroom management software, a number of things should be considered, like the features on offer, support quality and security.


Schools and colleges rely on their classroom software to teach students effectively and ensure safe guarding. Not only does it have to be simple to use for teachers (even the staff members who do not frequent the IT Suites) but also give an opportunity for students to showcase their work to the rest of the class and encourage feedback from tutors.


Especially during these uncertain times do classroom management software’s need to inspire students, whilst offering a solution to a socially distanced classroom.


We believe that AB Tutor is one of the best classroom management software’s on offer for 2021.


AB Tutor offers a host of features needed to ensure a safe classroom environment, both safe online and from a COVID-19 point of view. Here we’ll run through why we think your school or education centre should not be missing out.


Usability – Our slick interface ensures all staff members can use the system. With a variety of training videos on our YouTube channel and a top notch support centre, we are always here for our clients. Easily navigate through the different options and view student’s screens along with the applications being used at any one time.


AB Tutor solves a number of problems for education centres including:


Safety online: With AB Tutor, teachers and IT staff can block particular websites unsuitable for students. Tutors can also limit internet browsing to specific sites by creating a simple policy and assigning it to groups, or machines. Our system also logs all attempts of trying to access a restricted site.


Gain control of the class: Often concentration levels drop when students enter IT suites. Although a computer has endless research capabilities, computers also have endless distractions. Our system allows teachers to temporarily suspend all computer activity, when going through the lesson plan for example. Teachers can also display messages on screens alerting the students to the fact that their progress is being watched.


Go paperless: AB Tutor allows file sharing and the ability to display lesson plans for feedback on either one main screen, or each students screen.


Helps to encourage feedback: One of AB Tutors many features is the ability to request anonymous feedback from students through a traffic light system. Feedback is then gathered by tutors to ensure the objectives of the lesson are met, or more going over is required.


Teach students of multiple levels at once: AB Tutor allows tutors to teach multi leveled students at once. Create policies based on the individual student rather than the whole class.


Encourage students to showcase their work: Our system allows tutors to broadcast their own screen to students as well as students work to the rest of the class. Easily switch between screens to show different work examples. This motivates students to do their best in a lesson.


Meet power saving targets: Power costs a fortune in large education centres and schools. AB Tutor allows schools to meet their targets by offering the ability to switch off all machines at a certain time of the day. Any computers left on by students will be automatically turned off.


Save time: Easily create policies and assign them to the class during a lesson, or even a year group or entire school. AB Tutor takes away many manual admin duties required to ensure safety online.


Save money: AB Tutor was voted best value for money in the independent PC Pro Reviews.


We invite you to trial our software free of charge for 30 days. Sign up for your free trial here.