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NEW Release AB Tutor 9.3.8 (January 2021)

We have now released AB Tutor version 9.3.8.

Here are the new, improved features!

  • Improved console performance and stability
  • Improved http session handling
  • Added a warning for Launch action when executing on multiple clients
  • Added more options for hostname groups memberships
  • Changed "advanced group types" option to restrict to administrators only
  • Fixed an issue preventing terminals from showing in device group types
  • Fixed group membership display issue
  • Fixed some issues with lock messages
  • Fixed a bug with the customisation of the context panel
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to apply/remove policies without the correct role
  • Fixed a sync issue that could cause clients and consoles to become unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicate clients in some dialogs
  • Fixed a display issue with device/session policies
  • Fixed colour of traffic light policy in thumbnail view to match list view
  • Fixes for some minor group membership issues
  • Fixed an issue with AD sync jobs on the server