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AB Tutor v7.1.8 has been released

Version 7.1.8 as of December 2012

The following has been fixed:

  • Fixed a bug with the 'Registry Policy' and Hiding drives
  • Fixed a bug displaying accented characters in the 'Web Block' message
  • The list views now sort alphabetically ignoring case
  • Added the ability to Purge remote log files (See Log file Viewer - 'Purge')
  • Added the ability to delete log entries from local Log File database. (See Log file Viewer - Select the dates to purge, Right-click and select 'Delete')
  • Fixed various foreign language issues
  • Fixed problems with using the CAPS LOCK key when sending keys to remote machines
  • Fixed problems with the Remote Deployment Utility. Using the login account 'domain/username' would fail. This now works along with the 'user@DNS_domain' format

Version 7.1.6 as of November 2012


  • The 'All' group now populates the 'Group' column for any computers found in a group.
  • Fixed a bug with the 'Demo' command defaulting to 'Windowed' mode if the 'Capture Layered Windows' option was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug with the 'Exhibit' showing machines not in the current Group.
  • Fixed a security problem that meant a Windows 7 Locked workstation could be unlock without user intervention.
  • Fixed a problem with running the ABClient on Windows 2003 Terminal servers. Sessions were not being sent back to the Tutor
  • Fixed a problem with running the ABClient on Windows XP 64 bit machines.
  • Fixed a problem with using 'Friendly Names' or Description when adding machines from Active Directory
  • Fixed problems with the Web Blocking/Web Logging on remote machines when connecting to some proxy servers (e.g. Smoothwall, Squid)
  • The Optimize remote/local desktops feature now works on Windows (Not yet available on Macs)
  • Fixed a problem with the Windows Mirror Driver not working a second time when viewing the same remote machine.
  • Improved screen update performance on Windows 7 64bit machines when not using the mirror driver
  • Added back in the Windows Registry Policy that existed in version 6
  • All computers/users in Groups (lists and thumbnails) are selected by default (With the exception of as these are added and removed dynamically)
  • Added new functions to optimise compression for slow networks. (See 'Tools' - 'Settings' - 'General' - 'Compression'). High = force 16bit colour and use higher compression method Medium = use higher compression method
  • New option to prevent popup message boxes when HTTPS web sites are blocked on remote machines. See 'Tools' - 'Settings' - 'System Messages'