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Requesting Lesson Feedback from Students

Requesting Lesson Feedback from Students


Getting feedback from students after or during a lesson is an essential part of teaching effectively and enhancing student's learning experiences.

Student feedback has become a widely used method to evaluate and improve teaching effectiveness.

Feedback from students allows teachers to understand when students are enjoying lessons and achieving learning goals but, also identify what adjustments needs to be made. Even minor changes in the classroom can make a huge difference!

If students can offer their unique perspective, it could make planning lessons easier and improve grades and the overall learning experience. Obtaining student feedback allows the students to actively become more engaged and involved in the classroom. Student feedback can be collected easily, which gives teachers the opportunity to make any adjustments to their teaching or lesson plans as quickly as possible.

Let’s look at some ways teachers can gather student feedback:


Classroom Suggestions Jar/Box

The advantage of a classroom suggestions box is that it allows students to add notes as and when they feel like it. This can also keep feedback anonymous, allowing students to be more honest. With this, students are able to express their thoughts on paper and are not committed to a certain timeframe.



Asking students to complete a survey every so often allows all members of the class to participate and encourages instant feedback. Questions on the survey can have a simple Yes/No answer, or encourage the participant to write their thoughts to answer questions. Here are some ideas:

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how well do you understand (insert lesson subject).

Q: Do you think you would benefit from any additional learning help?

Q: What did you not enjoy about the (insert topic)?

Q: Did you enjoy today’s lesson? YES | NO


Questions can be tailored towards the audience or class age group of course. Surveys can also be kept anonymous if desired.


Focus groups

Within a group, students can offer instant feedback and this also gives the chance for teachers to respond. Students may also feel more valued as they are being asked to offer their opinion, with their peers participating too. Your aim here is to make students feel comfortable about answering your questions honestly. Articulate very clearly why you are asking students to spend their lesson time describe their experiences.


Use a traffic light system

Using a traffic light system during a lesson can quickly enable you to gain feedback without disturbing a class. Our system, AB Tutor allows teachers to display a traffic light visual on student’s screens. Students can then answer questions anonymously with a simple Green, Amber or Red. This is often used by teachers to ensure students understood the lesson and identify those who need extra help.


AB Tutor can make receiving lesson feedback easier, enabling you to teach more effectively.

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