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Training school staff to use AB Tutor

Training school staff to use AB Tutor


For many schools, employing a new system or software can be daunting, especially one that requires teachers to use it regularly. Luckily, we’ve built AB Tutor to offer a user-friendly interface, requiring nowhere near as much training as some other classroom management software of the market today.

We also have an extensive range of material available on our website and YouTube for all users.

Here are some tips you can use to ensure your school makes the most out of your new software.


1 – Find system champions

Find members of staff who will be naturally comfortable with the software’s concepts, and encourage them to advocate on its behalf. You might consider people from the pilot team that helped evaluate our system and had demos, or the people who will be using the software most often. Seeing the enthusiasm of these champions will help convert people who are more skeptical or hesitant to change.


2 - Create a shared understanding

If staff can't find a compelling reason to use the new software, you can almost guarantee low adoption rates. So, help your staff understand exactly what the software is, what it does, and why you chose it. Help them understand the problems our system solves and the opportunities it welcomes. Involve staff early in the implementation process. Encourage questions and be transparent with the software limitations. Make sure all tutors clearly understand how you evaluated other tools, and why our software stood out. The better your champions understand the software and your reasons for choosing it, the better they’ll be able to share its value with the rest of your school.


3 - Hold training classes

Training events or classes can be an effective way to train your staff on your new software. Use these classes to encourage dialogue and answer questions, reinforce the software’s benefits, and demonstrate its everyday practical application in your school’s workflow. You can also incorporate the new software into regular staff meetings.


4 – Let staff know help is available

When training staff, please do make sure they know our support line is available during school hours to help. Internal champions should also ensure that staff know that they’re available to help along the way.


5 – Look out for upgrades

Upgrading software when available helps as small additions are always being implemented to make the software easier to learn and navigate. If staff know that your school is committed to ensuring continuous development, they are more likely to want to use all of the software features and learn.


As always, we are here to support you. Our support line is open Monday – Friday. You can also view our range of videos available on YouTube and the many support articles. The links are below.