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Summer Holiday Ideas for Teachers!

Summer Holiday Ideas for Teachers!


It can be challenging to know what to fill your summer months with as an adult! You’ve finally made it and now have 6 weeks off. We’ve gathered up some ideas to make the most of your summer this year. Whether you’re looking for a quiet summer or wanting to make the most of your time off with an array of activities, we’ve got you covered!


1.    Relax

It can be quite difficult to push yourself to relax when you’ve been on the hamster wheel of teaching for the last 11 months. Make time for personal relaxation as frequently as desired. Mindfulness can help a busy mind too.


2.    Learn a new skill

With six weeks of time ahead, learning a new skill might be a great shout to fill in some of that time. There are so many great free resources for learning new skills. Begin learning a new language, learn to play piano, or even get to grips with learning a new sport.


3.    Summer Cleaning

Cleaning can often go by the wayside during term time. The summer holidays give teachers lots of time to have a really good deep clean and clear out! It might also be a great time to chuck out anything that’s of no use anymore. A good spruce towards the beginning could help you relax for the rest of the holiday.


4.    Travel

Although international travel may be off the cards this year, there are plenty of amazing places in the UK to travel to. Exploring new parts of the world is an incredibly enjoyable experience, especially when you have the time to do it. The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to explore new places.


5.    Exercise

It can be so hard to keep a good fitness routine during term time. But exercise is so good for you! So, use these six weeks to do some exercise that you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a marathon; yoga can give you a good workout and you don’t even have to leave your home. Some other ideas include cycling, running, swimming (indoor or outdoor!), hockey and walking/hiking.

6.    Read a great book for pleasure

For some, reading during term time is a great escape and is easily picked up and put down during busy times. For others, to really focus and enjoy a book is more difficult. The summer holiday is a fantastic chance to read all the books you have wanted for the last year.


7.    A spot of DIY!

You could take the summer holidays as an opportunity to do all the odd jobs of DIY around your home. There are tons of free videos on YouTube and articles online where you can learn basic DIY skills.


8.    Volunteer

You can search for local volunteering opportunities or visit the websites of local organisations. The many ideas of places that may be looking for volunteers include Food banks, Animal shelters and Homeless shelters.


9.    Plan ahead for school reopening

Before you step back into the classroom, take a positive inventory of your strengths, skills and best traits, along with the goals that you are working towards and those that you have already reached. Write them down somewhere accessible so you can reignite your reasons to be optimistic in times of need. Making a realistic timetable of when you will mark work and plan lessons will help to keep you on top of your work throughout the year. You may also find it beneficial to read over and make a mental note of any key term dates and input them onto your calendar. Check out our article on preparing for returning to school here.