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AB Tutor v7.2.0 has been released

Version 7.2.0 as of March 2013


Added new screen compressions methods to improve refresh speeds. (Compression: Default=ZLIB, High=JPEG, Medium=RLE/ZLIB, Low=RLE blocks)

Improved the 'Demo' screen update speeds 16bit screen depth option added to reduce network traffic. (Windows only and not available if Mirror Driver Back Buffer is used)

You can now force a full remote screen refresh by pressing the F5 key (make sure the remote window has the input focus)

Added the French and Korean language packs.

Added regular expression support to Policies (App block, Web block and Keyword monitoring). Add a / character to the start and end of the expression. Note: Regular expressions are very powerful but complex and we do not provide full documentation on its syntax.

Added fix to prevent a terminal Server from being shutdown from a System Action Policy.

Added new options to easily add multiple Computers/Users to Groups (Right-click in the members list and select 'Add Multiple Computers' or 'Add multiple users')

Fixed problems with using the CAPS LOCK key when sending keys to remote machines
Fixed various problems when accessing files or programs on mapped network drives.
Improved the discovery of computers based on usernames. (specify subnet IP address ranges to scan)
Fixed various problems with foreign language characters
Double-clicking screen captures or violations in the Status output window now show the correct event/screen shot in the Events view.
Mouse moves and clicks now work correctly when controlling a remote machine with multiple monitors.
The remote cursor is now shown correctly when viewing a remote screen using the Mirror Drivers back buffer.
The 'English' language can now be selected to override your default Windows System default locale.
Pressing the 'Close' button for the Watch window during an Exhibit will now stop the Demo part of the exhibit as well as the Watch
If a client is being Watched, then pressing the Watch command again will now just bring the original window to the front.
The Chat window is now a floating window so when activated from the Remote Control window, it appears in front of all windows not just the main application window.
Fixed: If a user presses Ctrl+Alt+Del prior to a Demo from the Tutor, then the Demo screen will now work correctly and lock the user out.
Port blocking added to 'Web Site Blocking' policies. The syntax here has change from version 6 ( old syntax 'port 80' new syntax: ':80' )