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AB Tutor v7.2.2 has been released

Version 7.2.2 as of April 2013


Fixed a problem when using the 'Auto connect to found clients' option. This would not work if computers were found after a Scan or a Group was selected.

Version 7.2.1 as of March 2013


Fixed a bug with the Regular Expressions with 'Web Site Blocking' policies.

Fixed a bug that caused the scroll bars to appear when viewing a remote machine in 'Scaled' mode.

The same Computer names or Usernames can now be added to multiple groups.

The output text from sending Command prompt commands are now returned as soon as output is
detected. Previously, all the output was sent only after all commands were completed.

System Messages are now language dependent. Different messages for each language are stored in the ML file. (See 'Tools' - 'Setting' - 'System Messages').

Fixed problems with finding 'Usernames' added to groups when located across subnets.

Fixed a bug when applying an actual 'Group of policies' to a 'Group'. This would cause the connection to the machines to failure.