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How can teachers make the most out of their summer holiday?

How can teachers make the most out of their summer holiday?


After a fast-paced year of teaching, lesson-planning and marking, the summer holidays commence, and teachers can finally decelerate their duties and take a well-earned break. As both teachers and students begin to settle down into the hot weather and period of leisure, it’s already nearly over! And with only a couple weeks left, with little work done, teachers are faced with a potentially daunting restart in September. We’ve assembled some tips to create a positive and organised start to the new term.  


Now that you’re out of the classroom, you-time is important. The first thing on your mind may be travel - a family holiday or perhaps just a visit to relatives. Either way, it’s a chance for you to wind down and recuperate from the physical and mental stress throughout the past year. In the long term, taking time off of schoolwork will actually positively impact and heavily contribute towards becoming a better teacher. Although it’s essential to put your preparation in the academic progress of the class, allowing time for relaxation is just as important. You need to be organised, but not exhausted by the time the year begins. 


Taking a break also allows for a great opportunity to reflect. Having a look at what went well in the previous year, as well as the aspects that didn’t will aid you in your plans for the next year. Analysing past techniques and their effect on the class’ progress will help you decide on keeping it or getting rid. Ultimately, you can create a more guided judgement and plan for next year’s approach, as you are replacing old, ineffective methods with new and fresh ideas. In this way, you are designing a positive attitude to take into the new term. 


Preparation, as we already know, is key. Use the last weeks to do as much as possible to guarantee a successful start to the year. A few examples of things to consider are lesson planning, classroom preparation, feedback systems, and adjusting to your new class and their levels of knowledge and understanding. Adding in new ideas is great for incorporating variation in the classroom. Using different methods of teaching will help encourage more involvement from the students. 


With such a vast absence from teaching, your knowledge may have gotten rusty. Summer is the perfect opportunity to reinforce your skills and make sure they’re fresh for the ready-to-learn students on their first day back. Whether it’s picking up your lesson notes, or taking an online course, being able to refresh that memory will benefit your students in establishing a productive start.


Some might say that the first few weeks of a student’s year are the most important. It can mirror how they will get on in the year, and so by trying your best to make a positive start, you will soon see the impact it will have. Teachers and children alike are frequently surprised by how fast summer holiday may pass. But if you take advantage of the chance to rest and recover, you'll discover that you're excitedly anticipating the start of a new school year.