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AB Tutor v7.2.6 has been released

Release Notes

Version 7.2.6 as of July 2013


• Fixed various problems with Web Blocking policies on systems using Kerberos authentication.
• Added new feature to save thumbnail locations in the common settings file. Previously, these were save in the users personal profile.
• Fixed a bug when specifying a 'domain name' when using the remote 'logon' command.
• Remote client machines that are woken from 'Sleep' mode are now detected by Tutor machines.
• Screenshots/Violations are now changed to PNG files when copied from a remote client to the Tutor machine.
• Added CSV export as an option to exporting of Log Files and Poll Questions. You select either HTML or CSV from the file type when saving the save to export.
• Fixed a problem when launching some applications without a path (e.g. winword.exe). Previously it would launch but not using the users credentials.
• Fixed a problem with Action Policy.
• Fixed various problems with Terminal Server sessions.