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AB Tutor v9.4 released

AB Tutor v9.4 released

  • Fixed an issue with String-match Username's case sensitivity

  • Adjusted the device search in the web interface to allow searching by devices' current hostnames

  • Improved consistency of clipboard sharing during shared watch while option is enabled

  • Added exceptions to allow UWP applications to function while website blocking is enabled

  • Fixed a console crash that could occur during Demo

  • Mac: Improved reliability of login action on Mac

  • Mac: Added better support for Mac devices managed by Active Directory device sync jobs

  • Mac: Adjustments to the Mac console/client installer to accommodate newer versions of MacOS

  • Mac: Added policy effect to allow confirmation of system permissions ahead of use

  • Adjusted the AUP policy effect for consistency in displaying when applied

  • Renaming items via F2 properly checks permissions before attempting

  • Fixed an issue with some dialogs preventing the console from closing correctly

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the console to crash when closing after accessing Settings

  • Fixed an instance of poor performance when the client had queued many events for publication

  • Adjusted some console dialogs to allow them to be minimised/visible independently of the main window

  • Fixed a client crash related to the inspection of running processes