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10 Ideas for making your teaching better in 2023


10 Ideas for making your teaching better in 2023

1, Don’t let your students think this year is going to be exactly the same as last year. Change something. Maybe you have heard about a new teaching technique or a new way of engaging students. The New Year is the time to try something new. If you are short of ideas then you have a classroom of people to ask. Get your students involved in change!


2, Build relationships, both with colleagues, students and parents. It is often mentioned that positive student/ teacher relationships are a vital part of learning, but other relationships are equally important. Spending a bit of time thinking about ways to improve these relationships will work wonders for you and your students.


3, Make some changes to the classroom layout. If you can think of a good reason for moving the furniture around then why not try it? You might just discover some benefits. What's the worst that can happen? It does not create any benefits and you just move it back. Another idea is to involve the students in the move and discuss the potential pitfalls and benefits. The main aim is to find a configuration where your students feel they are capable of producing their best work.


4,. Let students speak. People like talking about themselves. We suggest you engineer more opportunities for your students to use their voice. When your students return home and are asked about their day, It is almost guaranteed that they will cast their mind back to the time they were speaking and the teacher and other students were listening, smiling and just generally being interested in what they were saying. 


5, Evoke a sense of classroom community. An example of this is idea number 7, but it could be anything that you and your students do together that makes a positive difference. You will find plenty of ways to do this once you give it some thought. You just need some causes to get behind as a class.


6, Set aside a little time to get to know your students. Make a note of things they say for use later. E.g., how was your holiday in France? Your students will like you more and thus make teaching them that little bit easier.


7, Pick a charity, or a good cause, and sponsor as a class. It could be an elderly person living alone or a problem that someone living locally has. It's you, the teacher that can stimulate a sense of helping the local community. Show your students how you can make a difference together. Why not let the class decide between them who they want to help this year, and why?


8, Create more debates about things that affect your students. The idea is that you give your students the feeling that they have some control over their environment and also the feeling they have a voice. The debate could be about anything, for example, involving a minor argument that has been brewing between students or some sort of problem you, the students, or the school has. The point is to try to solve whatever it is through debate. 


9, Play some music! Maybe you play some music when students arrive, maybe you have some gentle music playing in the background during the lesson. Try to mix up the genres, take requests, see what works best and debate and discuss.


10, Work on your friendliness. It might sound silly but try asking yourself how can I become more friendly? You will find that your answers will include smiling more, laughing more, using friendly body language, listening more and speaking less, seeming more interested, saying positive things, enquiring as to how people are, amongst others. Becoming more friendly and approachable will give the most positive results over anything else you can do. Make a list and practice!