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AB Tutor v7.3.0 has been released

Version 7.3.0 as of April 2014

Please download from your account at www.abtutor.com


  •     Introduced Easy Polling to quickly ask questions.
  •     Introduced System Proxy policy to manage required proxy info on remote machines.
  •     Introduced shortcut keys using Alt + underlined letter from menu items.
  •     Renamed Exam to Self-Paced Questions.
  •     Introduced an assessment menu and moved Self-Paced Questions(formerly Exam) to this menu.
  •     Improved the discovery protocol to overcome various network issues(wireless/wired/dual network card).
  •     Fixed an issue with multiple choice responses which could be sent without an answer.
  •     Fixed a bug with Mac updates from the AB Tutor console.
  •     Fixed a bug with Tutor logon and finding group(s).
  •     Improved web and logging policy handling on Macs'.
  •     Fixed an issue with website import for web block policy.
  •     Fixed a problem with Windows 8.1 Ctrl+Alt+Del and remote logon.
  •     Fixed an ABClient uninstallation issue (kernel crash) on Mac.
  •     Fixed a problem with Internet Block policy on Terminal Server sessions.
  •     Fixed a problem with Shutdown/Reboot time intervals.
  •     Fixed an issue with the Watch Screen sometimes being minimized and hidden.
  •     Introduced a new menu command to restart the AB Client from AB Tutor.
  •     Improved license validation when proxy servers are in use.
  •     Improved Ctrl+Alt+Del support for SSCM clients.