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AB Tutor v7.3.0 with support for Formative Assessment

AB Tutor Releases V7.3 with support for Formative Assessment


AB Tutor has updated the polling/question section in its latest release of AB Tutor 7  to offer an improved product for formative assessment, to help support the growing flipped and blended classrooms within the education market. 

Useful for feedback of student learning, AB Tutor offers three types of questioning:

1.     Quick Poll – at a glance, see who has understood your verbal question, great for blended learning environments when the teacher needs a quick update on students understanding.

2.     Polling – useful when teachers want to use a single written question and a number of more informative pre-written answers with the ability to create single- and multi- answers to your question. 

3.     Self-Paced Assessment - the self-paced assessment module is a fully featured package which allows the teacher to create a pre-written package with a number of questions and answers. This can then be sent to the student for completion as a timed exercise, or for working on in their own time as part of the blended learning classroom.  This feature gives a more in-depth view of the students’ knowledge and understanding of the class work, allowing teachers to meet their objectives and ensure students learning is reinforced.

“Along with a number of smaller improvements requested by our Customers, this is a fantastic addition to the functionality of AB Tutor, and we’re looking forward to more increased functionality being added in the future.” said AB Tutor CEO, Lucien Bartram. “The additional question poll updates ensures that our product is suitable for all our customers’ needs, from the smaller primary schools through to large secondary and further education establishments”.