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AB Tutor v7.3.4 has been released


  • Fixed an issue with Launch Application accessing network subdirectories.
  • Fixed an issue with UAC so that settings files get stored in the correct location.
  • Improved shutdown command.
  • Improved client Discovery reliability.
  • Fixed an issue connection password location.
  • Improved Key sequence manager interface.
  • Fixed an issue with remote logon on Win8.1.
  • Improved legend on the Assessment module.
  • Fixed connection to usernames in groups on Mac.
  • Fixed lockout on Win8 touchscreen.
  • Added an option to enable/disable ctrl+alt+del during lock.
  • Improved client updates from v6 to v7.
  • Improved keyword monitoring.
  • Improved policy clearing interface for Tutor and Admin.
  • Fixed an issue with Icon view location not being saved in XML file.
  • Improved Inventory list to show installed software.