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New Licensing Options for AB Tutor

AB Tutor are pleased to announce new licensing options for their popular Classroom Management Software, AB Tutor.

Now as well as the perpetual licence option that AB Tutor has offered in the past, you can choose to licence your AB Tutor on a subscription basis.

Benefits to you include:

  • Keep your AB Tutor software in line with the latest releases at no extra cost to you, during the time of your subscription
  • Get AB Tutor v8 as soon as it's available 
  • Makes budgeting easier, with annual costs
  • Flexible licences, add to the number of licences at any time
  • Makes site licences more affordable and available to everyone

AB Tutor’s goal is to offer you as much choice as possible with your licences.  This means that we are still offering the traditional licensing path for both single and site licences, but also now offer subscription licensing for single and site licences.

Four Options are now available:

Single Licensing
Perpetual licence

Single Licensing
Subscription licence

Site Licensing
Perpetual licence

Site Licensing
Subscription Licence

Existing customers will be able to upgrade their existing perpetual licences to a subscription based model. For full details contact our sales department who will be happy to create a personalised quote for doing so.

Contact AB Tutor NOW for your personalised pricing plan - sales@abtutor.com or telephone 01372 465000