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AB Tutor v7.3.6 released today

Version 7.3.6 as of Feb 2015


  • Fixed many issues with groups and policies.
  • Fixed Self Paced Questions export function.
  • Fixed issue with creating a trial unlock code.
  • Fixed an issue with Thumbnail view.
  • Fixed an issue with the OS X Password Deploy Utility.
  • Fixed an issue with the Remote Deployment Utility.
  • Fixed 'abort shutdown' button. Fixed an issue with Mac HTTPS blocking.
  • Improved Audio chat.
  • Improved screen capture policy.
  • Improved Launch application.
  • Improved OS X Installers.
  • Improved installer to enable firewall settings on Windows.
  • Improved OS X login.
  • Improved Log file retrieval.
  • Added Proxy Bypass option to settings menu.
  • Added option to block connection to local computer.
  • Added OS X 10.10 Yosemite support.