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AB Tutor v8 to launch 1st June 2015

AB Tutor has launched version 8 of its classroom management software.

The teacher console has had a complete redesign, taking in comments and feedback from their large base of customers who were looking for a user-friendly updated console that had everything to hand.  Now, all users, computers, groups, policies and functions are on the same screen, with full drag and drop capabilities.

Along with the AB Tutor standard classroom management features, AB Tutor has also added a number of smaller features to enhance the day to day lives of teachers and IT administrators with details such as:

Traffic light policy - allowing teachers an electronic visual representation of their students’ level of understanding.

Finer timed policies - time setting on policies is now by the minute, allowing teachers and IT administrators to configure policies right down to the start and end of lessons and/or sessions.

Audio Demos & Exhibits - allowing the demonstration of the teachers PC on each student’s individual screen or exhibiting students work on their peers’ screens, and now with audio.

Select part of screen for demo - the teacher can decide on the area of their screen to be demonstrated on the students screen, allowing them to keep open other applications. 

Ability to allow students to join group - create classroom groups ‘on the fly’ and invite students to join.

For more information on AB Tutor v8, please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 1372 465000 or email sales@abtutor.com