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AB Tutor 8.1.12 Released

Version 8.1.12 as of Oct 2015

  • Many Thumbnail View fixes
  • Added Slider to Watch compression quality in Settings
  • v8 Push update now cleans up old files
  • Fixed an issue with removing Policies on Multiple Computers
  • Users now show up for each computer they are logged in on
  • Fixed the loading of large AD import
  • Many settings now take effect immediately and will notify you if not
  • Improved Log Fetching progress clarity
  • New Windows Logon method that does not emulate keypresses
  • Fix for "-g" startup flag not setting group for Admin
  • Added "Allow Proxy Bypass" option from XML to Settings
  • Fixes for Ctrl+Alt+Del and Lockout Control clashing
  • Fixes for Multiple Sessions on the same Host
  • Demo interface fixes
  • Improvements to Launch
  • Added Sleep and Hibernate options to Shutdown
  • Added Connect and Disconnect to more Right-Click menus
  • Improvements to Keyboard Logging, Lock and Mute Policies
  • Fixed issue with Dynamic Groups not connecting
  • Fixes for Discovery and Dynamic Groups for OS X
  • Changes to window behaviour for OS X
  • Fixed Password Injection on OS X Installer and tool
  • Various Stability and performance fixes