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AB Tutor v8.1.14 Released

Version 8.1.14 as of Dec 2015

  • Many More Thumbnail View fixes
  • Fixes for Winlogon and Dismissing AUPs
  • Fixes for Drive Block policy
  • Added a Caps-Lock indicator to some fields
  • Greatly improved file transfer speed and reliability
  • Fix for Exporting captured video
  • Fix for an issue fetching log files
  • Fix for an issue that caused Tutor access to see all Terminal Server
  • Fix for Lock screen flickering issue
  • Fix for Tutor policy permissions
  • Fix for Privacy Status reporting
  • Fix for adding Usernames to a Group
  • Fixes for an Status Window
  • Fix for Demo with multiple monitors
  • Fix for Setting alias and Deleting aliased Clients
  • Fix for an issue with Watch and High Resolutions
  • Fix for Installer not setting password
  • Fixes for Watch - Blank Screen on Windows
  • Fixes for Launch on Windows and OS X
  • Fix for Detecting Mac Addresses in OS X
  • Fix for License issue in OS X
  • Fix for Touchpad related crash in OS X
  • Added resize handle for Demo area on OS X
  • Fixes for Remote Deployment Utility