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The Top Five Benefits of using Monitoring and Filtering Software in the Classroom

Top Five Benefits of using Monitoring and Filtering Software in the Classroom

Why do we need to monitor the classroom PC? As an educational professional it is imperative as your responsibilities include safeguarding your pupils.  In fact, the UK Government’s initiative ‘The Prevent Duty’ states that ‘all specified authorities must comply with this duty and will be expected to maintain appropriate records to show compliance with their responsibilities and provide reports when requested’. 1

So, what are the top five benefits of Monitoring and Filtering within the educational environment?

1.       Comply with the Governments Legislation

As we’ve already mentioned the government require appropriate records to show compliance. Without specific software products in place it will be difficult to show how you are complying with the requirements. It may be that you need more than one product, but by combining a couple of tools, for example; separate monitoring and a filtering packages, that you are able to cover all the requirements easily as well as giving you classroom tools to help in the teaching environment.


2.       Monitor Cyberbullying

Online bullying can be a constant worry for many children, affecting their daily lives and it is important that schools take measures to prevent and tackle bullying. Using filtering tools to block content and also monitoring actions and keywords, schools are able to observe activity in real-time as well as keeping logs for future reference.


3.       Filter inappropriate, malicious and harmful content

By filtering inappropriate, malicious and harmful content you are preventing students from being exposed to some of the nastier sides of the internet, because while the internet is a wonderful source of information for the education industry, there are areas that we do not want our students to be accessing and the safeguarding policy requires that they are shielded from this content.


4.       Manage the classroom environment in real-time

As much as we’d like to have eyes in the back of our heads, some students don’t always stay on target in the classroom when our backs are turned.  By using a monitoring tool, you don’t need to be stuck in front of a screen watching all of the student screens - beam it up to your whiteboard, then anywhere you are in the classroom you can see what everyone is doing (and the other benefit is the students know you can see their screen!).


5.       Collect, store and create reports of activity on your school computers

As part of the UK Government’s initiative, schools must be able to provide reports when requested of the activity on the school network. By the use of monitoring and filtering tools with the correct reporting functions and making sure your reports are securely stored centrally by the use of a good security procedure, this is an easy to fulfil requirement. 



1   https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/445977/3799_Revised_Prevent_Duty_Guidance__England_Wales_V2-Interactive.pdf

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