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AB Tutor v9 Released

AB Tutor: 14 May 2018

AB Tutor V9 has now been released for download from our website. If you have purchased version 9 or have a subscription to AB Tutor you are able to download the software from your account.  Please see installation instructions for full information on this new version.

Overview of AB Tutor v9:

  • Active directory integration with scheduled synchronisation - saves you admin time
  • Simple web interface for easy administration of AB tutor access and licence use
  • Central storage of all event logs, violations, screenshots and video -  secure your data
  • Emailed violation notifications
  • Default policies applied to all connections
  • Improved security and stability
  • Instant update of policies
  • Terminal server support
  • Ability to automatically update console program as well as clients
  • Multiple tutor and administrative logins
  • Centralised individual settings per teacher login

Added to this, we have improved many existing features such as:
  • Chat - now with group chats (and the ability to be supervised by tutor)
  • Demo -  add and remove clients dynamically
  • Console - updated terminal server support, keyboard shortcut to release control in watch, see actual title of active app or webpage
  • Schedule Wake on Lan
  • Pop out Windows to make managing console easier
  • Randomly select students to display work