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AB Tutor 9.3.0 Released

Release 9.3.0 (April 2020)

  • Improvements to connection handling to improve speed
  • Added an option to perform logon with key sequences instead of registry entries
  • Added an Acceptable Use Policy feature
  • Fixed an issue with antivirus picking up AB Tutor incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue preventing policy applications to clients before their first restart
  • Improved speed of watch session initialisation
  • Improved reliability of applying actions or policies to large numbers of clients
  • Fixed issues with screenshare for multi-monitor Macs
  • Fixed an issue preventing sessions reappearing after suspend
  • Fixed an issue with the login action causing login loops
  • Fixed a number of issues with AD sync
  • Fixed some issues related to device aliases
  • Fixed issues with temporary application blocks
  • Fixed some issues with disabling policies
  • Fixed an issue which caused clients not to reconnect properly after losing the server