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What should I look for in a classroom management software?

What should I look for in a classroom management software?


There are many things a school, college or university should consider when looking for a classroom management software. The software needs to support both tutors and students, whilst proving a safe learning environment.

The ability to facilitate collaborative learning is a needed aspect of any classroom management software, along with ensuring the software saves staff time and energy, as well as encouraging student learning and independence.


1)     Do your research

Before committing to a classroom software it is important to do plenty of research into both the features and stability of the system. It’s paramount that all staff can work the software with little training, and IT departments find it suitable.

When researching software, try to do the following:

·        Check out key features

·        Read online reviews

·        View case studies out (and compare them to your situation)

·        Ask for a software demonstration


2)      Take advantage of free trials

A trial can prove or disprove the software is right for your school. All schools, colleges or universities should leverage free trials to get as much information as possible out of it, and test how user-friendly the software is. It is good practice to ask key members of staff to trial the software too. AB Tutor allows you to take part in a free trial for 30 days. You can sign up here.

After your free trial has ended, gather feedback from everybody using it, weigh up the pros and cons alongside the cost. Some classroom management software companies charge for every student, or machine, whereas AB Tutor only charges for the tutors/staff members using the software.


3)      Look for a software that encourages further student learning

A key feature of AB Tutor, is real-time student feedback. This allows tutors to get real-time feedback from students during a lesson. Feedback encourages learning and allows tutors to offer individual advice. For the student, it encourages them to think critically about their work and to reflect on what they need to do to improve it. It also helps students to gain increased satisfaction from their learning.


4)      Look for student safety features

Ensuring E-safety for students has never been more important with the continuous development in technology and increased knowledge of students, from a younger and younger age. Real-time monitoring of devices is required to ensure access to unsuitable and inappropriate sites is restricted. AB Tutor allows restrictions to be applied to multiple machines at any one time, and these machines can be separated into groups. This means tutors are able to alter restrictions depending on the age or set of students. Our software also records violations and can alert staff if required.


A good classroom software instils confidence in teachers when dealing with a digital classroom. AB Tutor does just that. Book in a free demo, or download our free trial today.