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Make the most out of your AB Tutor software

Make the most out of your AB Tutor software


As you’re aware, AB Tutor customers can enjoy regular software updates along with a host of advanced features. We want all of the schools, universities and colleges we work with to make the most out of their software, because we truly believe that every feature is valuable and solves modern day problems in the classroom.


One key feature to benefit from is the policy creation wizard. You can now apply multiple effects to a single policy, rather than having to create multiple individual policies. Policies can be set depending on the time of the day, or day of the week. They can also be applied when clients are on certain networks. Policies can be colour coded. Both users and admin accounts can assign and create policies.

Policies can still be assigned to individual devices, as in older versions of AB Tutor. In version 9, policies can be assigned to individual users, meaning policies follow users around, and are not specific to machines. Policies can also be assigned to a session, which expires when a user logs off. This is great for overseeing a structured, safe lesson.


Another additional feature you should be aware of is the possibility of creating groups of users, allowing individual users to be restricted on a number of levels. We also now allow users to join pre chosen groups, without the tutor needing to set up the group in advance.


One feature much loved by tutors, is the ability to display a lesson plan on a lock screen. Once students have read through a lesson plan and have settled down, tutors can unlock the screens. Tutors can add images, links and set a default lock screen too!


The traffic light feature continues to be used by tutors, providing instant feedback. This allows tutors to get real time feedback from students during a lesson. Feedback encourages learning and allows tutors to offer individual advice. For the student, it encourages them to think critically about their work and to reflect on what they need to do to improve it. It also helps students to gain increased satisfaction from their learning.


If you haven’t already, upgrade to Version 9, our most advanced software yet by contacting our team.

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