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Back to school with AB Tutor

Back to school with AB Tutor

The one topic on all teachers, parents and students’ minds is ‘how are we going to safely go back to school?’

The government recently launched its #backtoschoolsafely campaign to reassure parents and students that schools and colleges are ready for their return in September.


Now is the time to confirm safety measures and reinforce government initiatives. A lot of these measures are left to schools to initiate, and we are still unclear on a number of matters. One thing we can be sure of is safe learning in the IT suite. AB Tutor facilitates the relationship between students and tutors, which now needs to utilize technology.

Schools have received Public Health England endorsed guidance on protective measures they should implement to be as safe as possible and reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus. Measures such as staggered break times, increased hygiene and handwashing, and children remaining in consistent groups will all contribute to minimising risks, while allowing schools to get back to doing what they do best – teaching.

AB Tutor, the advanced classroom management system is working hard to ensure schools are kept as safe as possible. We are implementing features that eliminate the need for close contact within the classroom.


We advise all schools and colleges using our software to ensure they’re taking advantage of the screen sharing feature, to promote one to one learning when needed. Marking work will be different from now on, so for students to recognize where they’re falling down and succeeding, live interaction is needed. This can only be online.


One-on-one learning relationships empower students to take control over their studies, have the confidence to communicate what they need, and receive the personalised attention that will enable them to succeed. One-on-one interaction allows students to ask questions that they may not have been comfortable to during group discussion.

AB Tutor allows live screen sharing as well as file sharing, and the ability to share lesson plans, without the need for giving out paper handouts.

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