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Keeping students on task in an IT suite

Keeping students on task in an IT suite

It can be difficult to keep students on task in a classroom. It can be even more difficult keeping them on task in an IT suite, with a number of distractions and opportunities to digress without the tutor even knowing.

As all teachers will know, there is an art to holding the attention of a class, no matter the age of students. Classroom management has been a skill worked on by tutors for decades. With the introduction of more advanced technology, schools are encouraging the use of tech more and more. Unfortunately, this makes a teachers job harder.

Even with the threat of lunchtime detentions, extra work and not completing their project, students still seem attracted to the ever-growing fascination of the internet and a computer.

Keeping a student on task involves making a lesson plan interesting, informative and enforcing rules.

Fortunately, with AB Tutor, teachers and senior staff can block specific websites, or block sites containing certain key words and oversee machines at any one time. At a moment’s notice, from their desk, teachers can also temporarily suspend any activity on a student’s screen and display messages or lesson instructions. We often find that our message function also keeps students on task, allowing private messages between the student and teacher, encouraging further learning.

Teachers can also choose when to display their lesson plan on all machines connected, which can encourage students to refer back to the plan, to keep on task. Furthermore, AB Tutor can allow tutors to broadcast individual students work to the rest of the class, creating a feeling of competition, which may motivate students to stay on task.

Deadlines for classroom assignments give students a time goal. Why not keep a timer in the front of the class which can be broadcasted using your AB Tutor software and electronic whiteboard?

We also find that the possibility of tutor’s watching screens from afar keeps students on task and avoids the need for classroom confrontation. Trigger words can send warning emails to tutors or admins, so if a tutor does miss a real time shot of the students screen, online safety can be reinforced.

AB Tutor prevents the need for teachers to be walking around the classroom monitoring screens, and in current times, this can be the difference between opening or closing a school or college. Our classroom management software also prevents the use of paper and printed material. Lesson plans can be displayed and file sharing can also be a great tool, quickly allowing students work or feedback to be sent from device to device.

Classroom management software needs to be able to remove distractions and AB Tutor does just that.