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Frequently Asked Questions

How much bandwidth will AB Tutor use?

AB Tutor's unique configuration shows within tests that monitoring thumbnails requires around 10 to 20 KB/sec. Using the demo mode to show the teacher's screen requires between 20KB/sec and 1MB/sec depending on the amount of movement on the screen.

What if one of our students has a copy of AB Tutor?

Inbuilt security settings based around user credentials ensure that unauthorised use of AB Tutor within your network is eliminated. This will prevent access to your student or tutor programs with a rogue copy of AB Tutor (tutor console).

Can the students remove AB Tutor from their PCs?

No, unprivileged users are not able to remove the AB Tutor service from your client machines.

My students can pull their network cable out, will this stop AB Tutor from working?

Any policies already applied will stay on the client and continue working. Without network connections you cannot monitor the PC in real-time, but this would be noticeable on the console. Once the PC is reconnected to the network the client will automatically start working again.

Can my students access the AB Tutor Console?

The tutor program is protected through use of usernames and passwords for all authorised users.

My school uses VLANs, can I connect through to PCs on different subnets?

Yes, AB Tutor will connect to devices on different subnets.

What's the minimum spec required to run AB Tutor?

AB Tutor supports Windows 10 and above and Mac OS X 10.12 and above. We recommend 8GB of RAM and a 2.4GHz processor. The Central Server should have plenty of hard drive space for logs.

What support do you offer?

Support is free of charge with your licence and covers the current and previous version of AB Tutor.