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Overview of Key Features & Benefits

Supported Platform

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS 10.12 to 10.15
  • Windows Tablet 8.1 (x86)
  • Terminal Server

Cost Effective

  • For cost and function AB Tutor has been voted best value for money in the independent PC Pro Reviews
  • Shut down all PCs at a set time in line with your school energy saving policies.
  • Teacher/Tutor based licencing, the students (clients) are free
  • Annual subscription or perpetual licensing options available

Central Server

  • Active directory integration with scheduled synchronisation
  • Simple web interface
  • Central storage of all event logs, violations, screenshots and video
  • Emailed violation notifications
  • Default policies applied to all clients
  • Improved security and stability
  • Automatic updating of policies
  • Automatically update Console program and Clients
  • Multiple tutor and administrative logins
  • Centralised individual settings per teacher login
  • Central storage of policies, public & private

Ease of Use

  • Quick, intuitive installation
  • Intuitive Tutor Console with drag and drop capabilities

Classroom Management

  • Power up remote machines
  • Remote Logon
  • Remote logoff and shutdown
  • Schedule remote shutdown
  • Schedule power on
  • Block printing
  • Block USB drives, CDs
  • Mute computers

Remote Control

  • Lock remote screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Take over remote mouse and keyboard
  • Share control of applications with student
  • Launch and close down applications remotely
  • Automatically launch websites or open files remotely
  • Set policy to immediately prevent application from running
  • Keyboard shortcut to release control
  • Randomly select students to display work

Administrative Tools

  • Detailed inventory of remote hardware
  • View and manage remote services and processes
  • Administer remote machines via command prompt
  • Monitor groups of computers and users
  • Central storage of all event logs, violations, screenshots and video
  • Automatic update events when clients re-connect to server
  • Emailed violation notifications
  • Default policies applied to all connections
  • Pop out Windows to make managing groups and console easier
  • Automatically update Tutor program as well as clients
  • Apply policies to groups of devices or users
  • Allow Windows updates to install when shutting down groups of workstations
  • Ability to edit common information on multiple groups
  • Enforce policies when connected to certain networks

Application Control

  • Limit, block or close down applications
  • Launch applications remotely
  • At a glance, see applications students have running
  • Close inappropriate applications
  • Show currently active application
  • Default policies assigned to all clients

Keyword Violation

  • Get notification when specific keywords are typed
  • Receive email notifications of violations
  • Trigger remote screen recording or snapshot upon violation
  • View all violations - screenshots, user details and context
  • Central store for all events
  • Copy and paste lists of keywords from any source
  • Default policies assigned to all clients

Manage Tutors

  • New local web interface for managing licences, tutors and devices
  • Set the level of access for individual teachers/tutors
  • Restrict console use to specific usernames or AD groups
  • Create default policies and lock screens

Manage Groups of Computers/Users

  • Create defined classroom groups of computers or users
  • Automatically apply different policies to different groups of computers or users
  • Automatically deploy default policies
  • Import computers and users from active directory with scheduled sync
  • Connect to either all clients or only to pre-defined groups
  • Manage multiple groups
  • Allow clients to join groups dynamically


  • One-to-one and one-to-many text chat
  • One-to-one and one-to-many audio chat
  • Peer to peer collaboration - many-to-many text chat with tutor supervision
  • Broadcast text and audio messages
  • Secure central log of all chats
  • Traffic lights for rapid feedback

Optional Privacy Setting

  • Inform users when a Tutor is watching
  • Suitable for older students or members of staff using client machines
  • Specific permission needed to watch clients

Computer Monitoring

  • Real-time remote screen watch
  • Multiple tutors can monitor student machines
  • Monitor multiple groups simultaneously
  • Network efficient sizeable thumbnail views
  • Monitor running applications
  • Identify what site/file the student is working on
  • Monitor and log student activity (applications, websites, printing and keystrokes)
  • Take time and name-stamped snapshots of student activity
  • Record and play back student screen activity
  • Live search for users/computers
  • Logs stored centrally
  • Keyboard shortcut to release control
  • Request and Remove user names as required
  • Policy to always request mandatory user name

Demo and Share

  • Broadcast tutor screen to students with audio
  • Show static, locked, screen to students
  • Show a student's screen to others with audio
  • Select screen area to broadcast
  • Add and remove students to demo and exhibit
  • Switch between student demos

Manage Computers

  • Clients always connected when available
  • Create defined classroom groups of computers and/or users
  • Default policies applied to all clients
  • Import from AD

File Management

  • Distribute and/or collect files from students
  • Received files named to allow for easy organisation
  • Remote one-to-one file management
  • Optional compression during file transfer

Internet Monitoring and Control / ESafety

  • Block Ports to prevent any Internet activity
  • Limit web browsing to specified sites
  • Black-list specific sites
  • Filter by URL with wildcard
  • Notifications when students visit specified sites
  • Email notification of violation
  • Store all logs centrally
  • See active webpage at a glance

Question polling

  • Create & distribute single question polls to remote computers
  • Results of poll collected in real-time

Remote Administration Tools

  • Detailed inventory of remote hardware/software
  • View and manage remote services and processes
  • Administer remote machines via command prompt
  • Automatically update Tutor program as well as clients
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making networked classrooms work


Why Fairlop Primary School use AB Tutor


Fairlop Primary moved from a similar software product to AB Tutor because of issues they were experiencing. They have stayed with AB Tutor because it assists with E-Safety and saves money on power management.

Set up:

1 licence; 1 computer suite for 30 students and 10 members of staff actively use the set up.


"At the moment, we only use 1 licence in our ICT suite predominantly in my lessons which cover PPA time. The ability to demonstrate directly to the student, enabling them to focus on where your mouse/cursor is moving to and follow a process is invaluable, as is the ability to lock the screens to command their attention when necessary. I would estimate that approximately 10 staff use AB Tutor in this way at the moment, but recently the Early Years teachers have mastered logging on a whole classroom for Reception children."


"We find it an extremely useful product which we have consistently used since we first purchased it - not something I can say with confidence about all our software! It assists with demonstrations, administration and student-focus and as you know, we are now looking into whether we can use it with our KS2 laptops. I feel it helps to raise teachers' confidence levels, assists with E-Safety incidents and saves money due to the power management option. I wouldn't be without it!"

Why a Secondary School bought AB Tutor


Queensbridge School had been using a classroom management software for a number of years, when they started to experience problems and they decided it was time for a change. Before upgrading their existing software they were recommended to trial the free month of AB Tutor. Once downloaded they were instantly converted - AB Tutor was so much easier to use (both for teaching staff and for the network administrator) and allowed the school to do everything that they wanted, at a fraction of the cost.

Set up:

The school has around 650 pupils and about 100 staff and they use four ICT Suites. In total around 400 machines.


AB Tutor has exceeded expectations as it has made monitoring students much easier, and by using the logging feature they can find out who has been doing what, if a problem does occur.


"It is such a simple, straightforward program to use and is ideal for all staff (including IT-phobic people!)"

Ben Dixon - Queensbridge Visual & Performing Arts School

Why Hamble College bought AB Tutor


Hamble College is a small comprehensive school. Some of the classrooms had poor layouts which meant that the teachers needed more control over PC usage during lessons. With limited budget they needed a flexible and cost-effective classroom management solution.

Set up:

6 ICT rooms being used across the curriculum; 250 computers


AB Tutor has put the control of the lesson in the hands of each teacher. The school can set general parameters for each lesson with an array of policies, either enforced or available for all staff to use if they wish. These could include Microsoft Office applications only, no internet, no sound etc. The school finds that these are extremely easy to create and manage. They can also implement a series of complex policies to leave the Internet available for academic use but restricted, e.g. no games or local football club websites!

Teachers regularly use the demo features to share students work on the main screen, to the rest of the class. They have also found that the on screen demo permits less able students to follow a series of exercises in real time, ensuring they don't get lost in the explanation. The school's favourite use of AB Tutor is to use the multi-screen function as a scoreboard, with students responding by writing their answer on a PowerPoint slide, creating a modernised mini-whiteboard solution. There have been significant cost savings and environmental benefits too as they use AB Tutor to power up and shut down 250 PCs every day, avoiding unnecessary costs building up.


Hamble College has commented that the relationship with AB Tutor and their staff has been outstanding. The level of service has been personal and every question or problem is handled with sincerity and open mindedness. Hamble College has estimated that lesson performance has improved by some 15%, as the lessons are much more focused.

They have also benefited from a significant reduction in behavioural referrals as students have less distractions and they can see this improving further as they use AB Tutor over longer periods of time.

"Our Network Manager is pleased, our staff love it and the students are growing used to it!"

Kristian Still - Hamble College