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4 Top Software Features - AB Tutor


4 Top Software Features - AB Tutor


With a huge range of features that AB Tutor offers, we’ve picked out 4 that showcase our effective and classroom-friendly software.


Machine Overview

Many students find themselves off topic during lessons, resulting in playing games, shopping online etc. As educators, we need to make sure that this doesn’t happen as it can heavily damage a student’s academic development. Our feature not only allows us to monitor what goes on a student’s computer, but also gives us access to close any tabs that will distract a student from work. On top of this, in order to prevent it from happening again, we can limit and block applications. Ultimately, this keeps a student on track, maintaining their flow state whilst working, where they are fully engaged and focused.


Communication Platform

Communication is a skill that needs to be present in the classroom, both demonstrated with the teacher and students. A less communicative teacher or student can negatively affect a student’s progress, due to low levels of confidence and general lack of knowledge and understanding of the content. Our one-to-one text and audio chat feature permits small meetings between the student and teacher to happen. These sessions can be used creatively, to help enhance the student’s understanding. A popular and effective example that could be used is discussing students’ progress in the classroom. This comprises of what they are doing well, and what they can do to improve (something such as reviewing content when they get home). Not only does this advise them on getting better, but also rewards them on aspects they carry out well. This is just one example, so just imagine how effective our feature can be when used consistently with your own ideas!


Instant Feedback

Staying on the topic of communication, we also have a traffic light feature, which allows for rapid feedback. Let’s say one of your students struggles to understand the work, and feels too shy to put their hand up and say it. All they need to do is click the traffic light colour which best suits their level of understanding, which in this case would be red. You can see this, and therefore help them with whatever it is they are struggling with. This saves the common problem of teaching confident students content they understand, resulting in complications.

Our simple web interface allows for a smoother use for the teachers and students. With a more user-friendly and easier-to-navigate interface, it takes less time for the user to find what they’re looking for, and in a fast-paced environment like the classroom, quick and effective use is key.


Screen Snapshots

Last but certainly not least, evidence of progress made is clear. This is because a feature allows us to take snapshots of student activity. Therefore, you can see through each lesson, which students are using their time wisely and making progress, and which students aren’t. This is important in improving a student’s academic success, as it allows a stunt of growth to be noticed by the teacher. This can prompt a talk between the teacher and student on why they are not making progress. At any given opportunity, us teachers need to be able to spot signs of low academic drive, so we can get our students back on track.