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Keeping students on task in computer-based lessons with AB Tutor



Keeping students on task in computer-based lessons with AB Tutor


With Education taking a huge hit in the past year or two with the covid-19 pandemic, the entirety of the learning (and teaching) experience has been impacted. Keeping your student on task is difficult, especially with the effect of online learning, where students have established habits at home, that damage their learning capacity. Therefore, as teachers we need to make sure we maintain interest, and focus on our lessons, so our students can make progress in their academics.


Here at AB Tutor, our software offers ways in which the common problem of students not staying on task, is prevented. Here are just a few tools that will instantly show improvement in the classroom.



1.    Simply being able to view your student’s screens is important. This enables you to see which students are on task and which aren’t, therefore facilitating decision making, as you are aware of the students that are easily distracted. With this information, you can for example, move students closer to you in the classroom, where you can keep a closer eye on them. Or even just moving them away from the certain peers that distract them. 



2.    Another feature you’ll come to find useful, is managing any limitations, blocks on the computer, as well as being able to close down the application or website. Being able to shut down any distractions from the students will allow them to concentrate purely on the aim of the lesson. Having all of your students as engaged as possible is crucial when developing a environment to learn. Having harmful apps and websites at hand to the students will only tempt them, so why have them in the first place? The limit and block tool guarantees that the same app doesn’t come up twice, and therefore doesn’t cause you any further problems. 



3.    Irrelevant websites though, aren’t the only problem, and there’s the one thing students can control themselves, and that’s the keyboard. At AB Tutor, we provide teachers with access to any keyboard violations. Inappropriate words being used will notify the teacher, as well as the user information. This way, we can make sure that our students are keeping their actions relevant to the task. 


4.    Finally, communication in the classroom is essential in making sure the students are fully engaged in the lesson. With tools that promote communication during lessons, staying on task is also benefitted, and let me tell you why. AB Tutor offers a one to one chat system between the teacher and the pupil. A common reason why a student may not be on task is that they don’t know what to do. Recent research also shows that students are afraid to ask for help. These two combined leaves an off-task student unsure on how to complete a task. With the monitoring feature, teachers can see this, and can offer help to the student using the one to one chat. Here, no other students have access to, and will help the student to be more confident whilst talking. As a result, the dilemma is solved, and you are left with a group of happy on task students.



Having AB Tutor at close access will not only solve the problem we’ve spoken about today, but will also bring tons of benefits that will foster skills and academic success among the classroom.