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Why you need a classroom management software


Why you need a classroom management software 


Technology alone can be a distraction for students, and teachers cannot afford to waste important class time enforcing rules on devices. With the help of classroom management software, the use of computers has helped change the way technology is used, and used in a good way. There are many benefits of utilising technology to teach. It gives the teacher the ability to see and manage activity on the student’s devices. Without this tool of monitoring, it is impossible for teachers to keep a close eye on every student’s screen. Below you will be provided with just a portion of the huge pool of classroom management software’s advantages. 


1)   The clear benefit of allowing you to monitor screens is a great addition to the teaching process. Now, this cannot be done without the use of classroom management software. Although a walk around the classroom may do the job for the time-being, turn your back for one second, and one student is already back on an inappropriate and irrelevant website. Or you may primarily rely on the body language of the students to identify when a student becomes disengaged. This is where having every single screen, on your screen is effective. You can see all activity, from behind your desk. 


2)   Students can be easily distracted too, and especially with access to the internet at their fingertips, it becomes tempting for them. This happens when students begin to lose interest of the lesson, and therefore result to searching up things they shouldn’t.  


3)   Classroom management software enables you to redirect your student to the original aim and task of the lesson, with the click of a button. Straight away, the student is notified they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing. This acts as a visual cue to make sure the student gets back on task. 


4)   The use of software like this also helps with communication. Having your screen connected to your student’s screens, makes it easier for you to provide feedback, and encourages the student to talk about how they’re getting on with the tasks. This can be used to all desires, whether it’s a short encouraging message to a group of students, or a talk with an unsure individual. Features of this software also include things such as instant feedback. This helps ensure that a student can access help when they need it. 


5)   I think we can also agree that there is better collaboration with the use of the management software. For example, instead of playing a video on your projector or board, you can instead send out a link to all the students, and they can watch it on their own screens. This can be supported with headphones to ensure the student is fully engaged in the video. This prevents the problem of a student not being able to see the board. 


Technology is part of our future, and therefore important to incorporate within lessons. So why not empower our teachers through classroom management software?