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The features every classroom software should have


The features every classroom software should have


Dependable and constructive classroom management software should be available in every school. It offers teachers that extra support, which may be the difference between a bad lesson and a good lesson. It allows for a more positive learning environment to be established, effective in both the student’s academic capabilities, and the teacher’s creativity when lesson planning. While software management provides a huge pool of opportunities, there are a few must-haves when it comes to incorporating the approach.


Managing tabs


This feature should be a staple, when looking to maintain engagement, and keep your students on task. With the internet at their fingertips, students can easily be tempted to play games or shop online. Being able to visibly see on your computer what they’re up to, allows you to create an accurate idea of which students are on task, and which ones aren’t. As well as this, you have the option to control their screens, and close the tab you want closed. With the help of this feature, you can keep a good eye on student habits, and stop disruptive or inappropriate behaviour. You can then use this further to improve the quality of the lessons. Ask yourself why you think students are getting distracted often. Is it because your lessons are lacking variation? Are you personally not engaging with them enough? Whatever it may be, the feature permits you to assess your own teaching.


Private messaging


Communication is one of the most essential quality of a productive classroom. It establishes a better relationship between the teachers and students, and even among class-mates. This tool enables teachers to quickly and efficiently interface with their students. Whether it’s  a motivational message to a group, or a chat with an unsure pupil, it can be used in many ways. Some students may feel shy and unconfident putting their hand up and telling you they don’t understand the work. Having your screen connected to your student’s screens makes it easier for you to provide feedback, and encourages the student to talk about how they’re finding the tasks. Through this, we can ensure that the student can access help when needed, and therefore no student is left out.


Screen sharing


The usage of management software has improved collaboration thoroughly. Instead of presenting a video on your board or projector, you could give them a link, or play it on your monitor. This way, they can watch it on their own screens. This can be supported with headphones to guarantee that the pupil is completely engaged in the video, and also solves the issue of any complaining students saying they can’t see the board. Now, there’s no excuse for them as they have it in front of them. In addition to this, the feature supports and facilitates peer learning, as they can assess other’s work on the computer.


These three tools should be a must have when looking for a classroom management software, with the main objective to simply make lessons easier, whilst incorporating fresh technology to give learning a new and improved experience.